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You need to write, and you've been struggling. Or perhaps your manuscript has gone as far as it can, but you're unsure of yourself. Maybe English is not your native language but you're expected to write in it. Or maybe you're just not comfortable with writing, period. The point is, you're not satisfied with what you have. You suspect your copy could use an extra pair of eyes.


We are the Final Draft Editing Service, an English-language business located in Santiago, Chile. We proofread, edit, and improve manuscripts, making them all they can be. Based on your needs, we'll go over your copy line by line, editing and rewriting where necessary, to get you a Final Draft that will get you into print. 


English is the primary language of scholarship and international commerce, which is why excellent written English is so important. But unless you are born and raised by English-speaking parents, English may never seem natural to you. A lot of English spelling may never seem to make sense, and English irregular verbs may continue to be confusing. Not to mention all the English idiomatic expressions. Thats where we come in. Let final draft editing service take your words and ideas and create for you, a publishable final draft.


Are you unsure about your English? Do you have trouble with your English? Or would you simply like to have another set of eyes looking over your written material? Remember: academic journals will assume you have knowledge of written English, and so will international businesses. When you contact a journal or a business, your writing is the first thing they will see.
If that sounds intimidating, we can help. We will proofread your copy and with your permission, edit your copy according to your specifications.
Our promise: quick turnaround, reasonable prices. We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.


  • Journal Articles
  • Books in English
  • Grants
  • Transcribing from Voice Recordings
  • Transcribing from Voice

Easy-to-understand costs are found via the Services page.


Bimonthly source of advice and suggestions to improve your English and your ability to be published in English Language academic journals.

Current edition:
March 2013