​​Final Draft Editing Service is devoted to proofreading and editorial work. We are located near Cantagallo, in the Las Condes area of Santiago, Chile. The proprietor, Dr. Steven Yates, is a published author and native English speaker. A sometimes-academic, he understands the needs of academics and other professionals.  ​​



Our target market is academics and professional business persons who may speak and write English when they have to, but whose native language is something else (typically Spanish).
Our process:  you contact us about your needs, and we will supply you with a free estimate within 24 hours. You submit your manuscript and we will go to work following our acknowledgment of its receipt. 

We will send you the first four edited pages for your inspection, just to be sure we haven’t miscommunicated on your needs. When the editing and proofreading is done, we will send you an invoice and upon receipt of your payment we will send you the polished manuscript in English that will be acceptable to any academic periodical.

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Located in Las Condes, give us a call and we can arrange a meeting in person, using Skype or on the phone.

Servicio de Edición de Proyecto Final

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