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(Servicio de Edición de Proyecto Final)

E-Bulletin #2                               October, 2013

Steven Yates, Ph.D.

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October 3, 2013


Hello. Steven Yates here.  Final Draft Editing Service is back to serve you, by giving your manuscript that extra pair of eyes. If English is not your native language but you have to write and publish in English, you might not be comfortable with what you have. We can help!


Our focus has broadened, however. While remaining available to Chilean academics who have to publish in English and believe they need an editor, we also want to make ourselves available to anyone, anywhere in the world, who has an English-language manuscript they wish us to examine.


Two events motivate this new effort.


First, I'm pleased to announce a new client, Dr. Christina Jeffrey of Spartanburg, South Carolina (U.S.) who recently sent us the unfinished manuscript of her new book, Insured Capitalism. This work tries to maintain social safety nets within a context that does not undermine or destroy basic Constitutional and market-based freedoms in the U.S. 


In other words:  Yes, we now edit books for U.S. writers as well as those in Chile seeking that extra pair of eyes. 


The second event is Exosphere, the education-for-entrepreneurship start-up based here in Santiago. Exosphere has begun an entrepreneurship Bootcamp which is providing us all the basics, setting all of us involved on a mission towards greater self-reliance and ownership of our efforts to solve your problems.


This will mean even greater benefits to you.


Although Final Draft Editing Service predates Exosphere, I can't resist talking them up a little! Their aim is to form a community of entrepreneurs.  They may be the best thing to happen to entrepreneurship. Working with them will help us help you. We'll be taking your writing to a whole new level!


Our basic service remains what it is: 


To take your prose:  polish it, improve it, rework it where desirable, to provide you with a better manuscript and chance of publication.


That, of course, is what it's all about: getting the work you've spent such time on in print where it will do you, your colleagues, and possibly the world, some good.


Please feel free to forward this E-Bulletin to your colleagues! 


To your success in getting published,

Steven Yates, Ph.D.

Owner, Final Draft Editing Service

Santiago, Chile







Final Draft Editing Service

(Servicio de Edición de Proyecto Final)

E-Bulletin #1                               March, 2013

Steven Yates, Ph.D.

Av. Las Condes 12.631, d. #511

Santiago RM  7550000  Chile

+56 9 7974 9811

March 20, 2013

Dear Clients (Present and Future):

This is the first “e-bulletin” of the new service for academics in Chile, Final Draft Editing Service (Servicio de Edición de Proyecto Final). Thank you for reading. 

English is the language of international scholarship. But it probably isn’t your first language. If you have read this far, your English is probably pretty good. You may find writing in English very difficult, however. At best, writing in English isn’t something you are comfortable with. Editing your English is probably exhausting.

Besides … most people dislike the job of editing … in any language.

Getting published in an English-language journal is also very difficult, however. Their rejection rates can be as high as 95 percent.

Your manuscript must be as good as possible!


A native speaker and published author in English is now available to help you polish your English manuscript.

Who am I? I have written three books and been published many times, in both academic journals and online. I can edit, proofread, and improve your English. Moreover, I enjoy this kind of work (unlike many writers).

Contact me, and we will discuss your project. Then we will work to make your manuscript the best it can possibly be.

I guarantee: you will be satisfied.

Only $14.000 per page.  (Special discounts for any existing client who can send new clients to this service: $1.000 off per new client per page, up to five new clients. This means that if you send me five new clients, your price per page is just $9.000!

In sum: if you are not comfortable with your English, I can help you! 

Thank you again, and please feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues.

To your success in getting published,
Steven Yates, Ph.D.

Servicio de Edición de Proyecto Final

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